Evolve Properties


Evolve Properties is a sample portfolio design for a real estate property listing website. Our goal for this design was to showcase the functionality and ability to create a feature-rich, sortable listing site with everything a real estate company would need to successfully sell their properties.


As this is only a portfolio piece, we don’t have a story to share in regards to this company or client.

User Experience.

We set up an efficient web interface, improving the navigation and allowing users to filter and find relevant listings more easily. These changes will drive an increase in user engagement and a decrease in bounce rate. We have made it very easy to filter the results, no matter the device being used. This website is extremely user-friendly and very fast to load which ensures visitors have a seamless experience for every page.


From the logo to the agent bios, we designed this website and this brand from the ground up. We kept in mind simplicity, ease-of-use and the type of client this design appeals to when creating Evolve Properties. We designed a beautiful, clean, and modern listing page for each property. The Logo was designed to fit the aesthetic of modern real estate or construction companies.

Fonts & Colors.

Primary Font: Proxima Nova (Bold)

Secondary Font: Proxima Nova (Regular)

Primary Color: #b1df01

Secondary Color: #476b5d

Additional Features.

Advanced Filtering

This design features advanced filtering parameters for finding the perfect listings to match the needs of the visitor.

Property & Agent Linking

The way this site was built allows for dynamic linking between property listings and the corresponding agents. This link allows for the contact form for each listing to dynamically point to the proper agent and vise versa.