Cary Alarm Co., Inc.


When Cary Alarm reached out to have their website designed, they didn’t have a website in place at the time. They knew that they wanted a way for new customers to find them and what better way than a website. So we dived into the project headfirst to create them a clean and professional looking website with features that matter.


Cary Alarm Co., Inc. is a commercial security system installation and servicing company. They specialize in commercial systems such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, IP and analog video, and access control. They serve all of North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as parts of Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

User Experience.

We ensured that the information a customer is looking for would be easily accessible from the get-go. We have made it very easy to find exactly the information the user is looking for, without the need to go searching.


We kept in mind simplicity, ease-of-use and the type of client this design appeals to when creating Cary Alarm’s website. We wanted to ensure that the design followed a clean, modern aesthetic, while also having it stand out from it’s competition. We designed the hero section background using various images and stock photos, and altered them using photoshop to come up with a completely custom image that fit exactly what the client asked for.

Fonts & Colors.

Primary Font: Poppins

Secondary Font: Open Sans

Primary Color: #d31313

Secondary Color: #2b2b2b

Additional Features.

Service Availability Map

One of noteworthy features of the Cary Alarm Website is the service availability map which shows users what areas the company works with.

Employment Application Form

Another features to note is the Employment page which features a custom form for collecting relevant information and a resume for potential new hires.